The Exodus Academy

The Exodus Academy | Orayne Williams | School of spiritual gifts and activations


The Exodus Foundation

The Exodus Foundation is an eight-week course that offers biblical teachings, and practical training on the spiritual gifts of God. Exodus Foundation includes ministerial training that emphasizes the importance of having a holistic approach and the function of the two-by-two anointing during ministry. The focus of Exodus Foundation Course is to empower the students to stir their gifts and operate in them on a daily basis for the glory of God. The Exodus Foundation Course teaches about the supernatural realm and how to navigate it through prayer, warfare, and a relationship with God.

Exodus Foundation is the prerequisite to the advanced courses, which means you must complete this course before you can enroll in any of the advanced courses.

Foundation Course Topics:
Holistic Ministry
Deliverance Ministry
Spiritual Warfare
The Prophetic Ministry
Tongues and Dream Interpretation
Two-by-Two Anointing
And more

Classes are two hours and twice per week:

Mondays and Wednesdays | 7-9 PM EST

Facilitator: Orayne Williams

Fee: $99.99

The Exodus Advanced

After completing the Exodus Foundation Course, students are welcome to enroll in the advanced courses of their choice. Each advanced course will be no more than six weeks long. Advanced courses will be twice per week, each two hours long, date and time will be communicated after enrollment form is submitted.

The School of Prayer

The school is open to all believers who want to deepen their prayer life by developing a heart of prayer and the art of praying without ceasing.

Fee: $59.99

The School of the Supernatural

This school is designed for all believers and will empower them to become aware of and navigate the supernatural realm with biblical intelligence and authority. For far too long the body of Christ has neglected the supernatural realm leaving it to psychics, new-age practitioners, witches, and warlocks. The Supernatural realm is our rightful place as children of God.

Fee: $59.99

Developing The Fruit of the Spirit

Most people chase after the gifts of the Spirit without securing the fruits of the Spirit. The gifts of the Spirit without the fruits of the Spirit makes you an ineffective minister of the gifts and the Gospel. The fruits of the Spirit is what develop in us the characteristics of Christ. While the gifts of the Spirit are given and are without repentance, the fruits of the Spirit is not given, they must be developed.

Fee: $59.99

Understanding Biblical Intelligence

This course introduces a practical and relatable way of studying the Word of God. James 1:22 encourages us to be doers of the word which means that we are expected to implement the Kingdom principles embedded in the Word of God. However, how can one implement what they do not see and how can one implement what they see but do not understand. In order for us to become doers of the Word we must first see and understand the principles within the Word. This course teaches how to become doers of the word by identifying and decoding the Kingdom formulas and equations in the Word. When we understand Kingdom formulas and equations it becomes easier to implement Kingdom principles.

Fee: $59.99

Leadership in Ministry

Being a ministry leader is more than having a mic and a title to instruct people. Being a leader in ministry requires knowing how to handle people with care and effectiveness. It requires having a holistic perspective and an empathic heart coupled with interpersonal and communication skills. The true essence of being a leader is knowing how to care for people without becoming overwhelmed, it is the balance of caring for people while caring for self.

Fee: $59.99

The School of Healing

The school is open to all believers, especially ministers and those in leadership who want to learn how to lead from a healed place. The focus is not on the gift of healing or how to administer healing but rather on how to be healed from your own trauma and hurt so that you are not bleeding out on God’s people while ministering.

Fee: $59.99